Jib Shots Equipment is located in Ottawa, Canada, and is wholly owned and operated by Graham Dunnell, a seasoned camera operator with 35 years of experience shooting sports, entertainment and other “live” events. Jib Shots Equipment was an official supplier of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games with many other credits. See Services/resume page for other events covered.

The film and television broadcasting industry relies on Jib Shots Equipment to provide a wide range of production services, technical assistance, camera and audio personnel, to equipment, facilities and locations.

Filling a need for specialty camera support rental services, Jib Shots Equipment was incorporated in 1999. The company owns and operates three Stanton Triangle Jib cranes with all accessories, an EZ Jib portable, BOXXTV HD RF wireless system & also has three flatbed electric golf carts used for Jib support, utility and sideline camera support for CFL on TSN.

The Panther Galaxy Crane is the only one of its kind in Canada, and can handle an operator, studio camera with sports lens at a reach of 40ft or 60ft in remote head configuration. For more specs, please refer to the Galaxy Crane page. This unit is no longer owned By Jib Shots but is available by request.

Graham Dunnell